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How will God use you?

The need for Gospel proclamation is urgent. At Mission of Christ Network we believe God’s mission is to and for everyone – that’s why we send mission partners all over the world to share the life, love and peace of Jesus Christ.


Life on the beach in Costa Rica was not as idyllic for Luis as tourists imagine. With his mom caught in a cycle of abusive relationships and his neighbors struggling to survive on $2/hr minimum wage jobs, Luis kicked a soccer ball around on another day of canceled school and wondered what kind of future he could have.
Then Luis met Ethan.


As the mom of two young children in Hungary, Andi struggled with feelings of loneliness. The stresses of motherhood and a desire to raise her children well left her wondering about the Christian faith she thought she’d left behind and longing for encouragement, support, and community.
Then Andi met Sarah.


Vana and her family thought being Cambodian meant being Buddhist. Vana’s parents didn’t know any Christians, but they also didn’t know how much food would be on their table tomorrow or how they could give Vana the education they never got.
Then Vana met Maria.


Growing up in Taiwan, Kiki didn’t know anyone who could tell her about Jesus. While her parents worshiped regularly in the temple and burned incense in their home, Kiki struggled through school in a culture of high academic pressure, wondering what her purpose in life was.
Then Kiki met Hannah.

Their stories have a new ending because of Mission of Christ Network. One that doesn’t end, but begins with life everlasting spent with Jesus Christ. How many more stories can be rewritten?

All over the world, the Holy Spirit is opening doors for more workers. We all have a part to play. How is God calling you?


Our Mission is to boldly, intentionally and faithfully make known the light, love and peace of Jesus Christ. Mission of Christ Network is grounded in a Lutheran understanding of mission. We have trusted partnerships with local organizations already proclaiming the Gospel in their communities all around the world, and we have experience training and supporting mission partners to serve alongside them.

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