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Adam is native to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He first met LCMS missionaries while participating in a short-term mission trip to Central Asia in the summer of 2017. Through mutual conversation, he discovered that the missionary family had been praying for someone to come, while Adam had been praying to go.

Throughout high school, Adam developed a passion for teaching music and telling people about Jesus. He served for five years as the organist at his church and has been involved with the Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ (OAFC) since the age of thirteen.  This kindled a desire to share the Good News of Jesus with everyone he meets—especially those who do not know, who have not yet heard the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Following that first short-term mission trip, having learned of an unfulfilled need there among the small congregations of minority Christians, he decided to channel his gift for music into a ministry. Working several part-time jobs, he paid his own way to return to Central Asia three more times since that first visit, teaching guitar to anyone who wanted to learn. Also, working with the missionaries, he was able to help in a multitude of other ways on the mission field, such as helping with the church youth group, leading ESL activities at a church English club, and teaching two of the national youth to become music leaders in their local church.

Having discovered a way to be in Central Asia long-term, Adam lived as a student on that same mission field, studying music education at an international university. He had many opportunities to witness in the city and encourage new believers and used his breaks and summers to continue teaching and volunteering in the local Lutheran churches among minority Christians in Central Asia.

Today Adam lives in Linn, Kansas, serving as a music teacher and organist, and volunteering with Hispanic outreach and youth ministry at his home church. He also serves as a mission consultant for ongoing mission projects and  short-term teams visiting Central Asia, making occasional trips to encourage and equip those he worked with and trained to serve as leaders in the maturing church.

Please pray for Adam, and for this unreached people group, that God would be glorified and that many would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Any funds raised that exceed Mission Partner’s Total Cost of Missionary Service may be used to further support Mission Partner in missional activities, or Mission Partner may donate, after consultation with the Executive Director, any excess funds to one or more Mission Partners who are in good standing with MCN or to MCN’s General Fund. The purpose for this is that any funds raised are to support missional activities throughout the world.

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