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Jon and Dora's Story

Jon was born in 1985 to Pastor Wayne and Linda Braun in Norfolk, Nebraska. Thanks in large part to being on the move most of his childhood; Jon knew that God had plans for him. In hindsight, he can see that God was preparing him for mission work as a child because he loved studying the globe and learning the location of countries and their capitals. Fast forward to 2009, God called Jon into the mission field for the first time in East Asia, where he would meet his wife Dora. From East Asia, he moved to Indonesia where Jon worked as an English Teacher for the next 4 years. During these 6 years in Asia, Jon realized that God had called him to serve as an English teacher.

Dora and Jon were married on July 7, 2012 in her hometown of Jakarta. Two short years later on May 30, 2014 they would be forever blessed with their first son Kellan Braun. Through marriage and the birth of a son, Jon could see how God works through the love of others to make His light and glory shine into our lives. Jon is so thankful to God for the gift of family.

In 2015, Jon and Dora joined Mission of Christ Network and for the past two years have lived and served in Budapest Hungary. The transition from Asia to Europe was a big step for the Brauns but the Lord watched over them and used them there in His service. During the two years in Budapest, the Brauns were able to reach out to a group of people who have some identification with Christianity but have not actively practiced their faith.

Jon, Dora and Kellan will be returning to Southeast Asia in the summer of 2017. In their new location, they will continue to work in an English teaching capacity, reaching out to students in the school. They will also be seeking out new opportunities for outreach in the community at large. The Brauns are thankful for the opportunity to share the Gospel in Southeast Asia.

Any funds raised that exceed Mission Partner’s agreed upon stipend amount will become the property of MCN. In the alternative, excess funds may be used to support Mission Partner in missional activities under a new MOU, or Mission Partner may assign, after consultation with the Executive Director, any excess funds to one or more Mission Partners who are in good standing with MCN. The purpose for this is that any funds raised are to support missional activities throughout the world, and not for the financial benefit of MCN.

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