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Mission Partner FAQ's

What makes MCN different from other mission organizations?

First, MCN is committed to sending lay people to serve in God’s mission in partnership with churches, schools, and organizations around the world. We believe God has called every Christian to share Jesus with others and that He uses relationships of all kinds to do this.

Second, we are committed to “intentional Gospel proclamation,” meaning that while our mission partners do many kinds of work, every one of them is specifically engaged in proclaiming the Good News of salvation through Jesus.

Third, we take seriously our role as an organization to provide ongoing training and support for mission partners.

Why should I go overseas through an organization and not just go on my own?

MCN is not interested in controlling mission partners or limiting their work, but we are interested in training mission partners to serve well in God’s mission and supporting partners so that they are able to sustain long-term service. MCN’s leadership and missionary care staff have decades of overseas experience. We make sure that the international partner with whom you work has a clear understanding of your role, and that housing, visas, and other needs are settled before you get on a plane. Once you are on the field, we stand ready to provide any kind of support you need to ensure that you are able to do the work God has given you to do.

What kind of ministry would I serve in?

Our Mission Partners serve in 14 different countries in many different kinds of ministry such as teaching, youth ministry, community service, and church work.

Where would I go?

Throughout the application process we will discuss our different opportunities with you to find a good fit. We take care to match needs in the mission field and requests from our partner organizations with your gifts and preferences. To see current openings, go to the Mission Opportunities page.

Do I need a specific degree to be a Mission Partner?

No, you don’t! MCN does require a bachelor’s degree, but our Mission Partners come from many different backgrounds. They have degrees in things like education, English, or theology but also math, science or business. Any degrees and skills can open doors for international ministry!

How can I possibly raise enough money to be a missionary?

As in all things, the mission is God’s. Although mission partners do need to raise their own funds and this can seem daunting at first, each partner would tell you their own stories of God’s amazing provision. Building connections with churches and individuals provides you with a base of support not just financially but also for prayer and encouragement. MCN helps with training for fundraising and makes every effort to keep administrative costs low so that nearly all the money being raised goes directly into supporting you on the field.

Why does MCN require a 2-year commitment?

Cross-cultural ministry requires a tremendous amount of adaptation and learning – learning culture, customs, history, language, social expectations, and so much more. A 2-year commitment helps with cultural adaptation and coping with culture shock, making it more likely for your adjustment to go well. After your first year, you will have time back in the US to connect with family and supporters and attend the Concordia Mission Institute summer training before returning for your second year.

Is this just for young people?

Nope! Although we have many mission partners who are recent college graduates, we also have many mission partners who are retired or who come overseas after many years of work in the US.

How do I know if I’m cut out to be a missionary?

God is the one who calls, and God is the one who equips. Being a missionary doesn’t require being a “super Christian” or some specific set of gifts and talents. In fact, everyone who knows Jesus and knows other people is a missionary! Cross-cultural work does call for flexibility, a desire to learn, patience, and dependence on God. But even these qualities are things that the Holy Spirit loves to work in us!

Does MCN provide training for Mission Partners?

Yes! MCN is passionate about good missionary training. New mission partners come together for a week-long training in areas such as fundraising, culture shock, and missiology to prepare them for their first year abroad. Each summer we hold the Concordia Mission Institute (CMI) along with Lutheran Bible Translators, a week-long conference “by missionaries, for missionaries.” CMI is organized around a focus on four key Mission Perspectives. They are: Missio Dei (Mission of God), Relationship, Vocation, and Engagement. This yearly gathering is an important time for the MCN team to gather for ongoing training and relationship building.

What is the timeline for applying to MCN?

We accept applications at any time! New mission partner training is in May. The Concordia Mission Institute is in July, and new mission partners usually leave for the field in August or September. (Note: This timeline could look different depending on the needs of our international mission partners.)

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