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(Rev.) Hank Rowold, born and raised in Saint Louis, and his wife Phyllis (now with the Lord) were caught by surprise at the seminary call service back in 1965, when their destination was announced as Taiwan.  They went for a five-year term and ended up staying for twenty, with an additional ten in Hong Kong and China. They went with one child, and came back with three. They went not knowing so much as one word of Chinese (well, maybe words like typhoon or chopsticks or Confucius), and came back enjoying the language and culture.  They went without ever having tasted Chinese food (mid-Westerners!), and came back relishing any smell or taste that comes their way.

In 1995 they went back to teach at the seminary in Saint Louis, but continued annual short-term ministries in the China region, up to and through retirement, most recently in Shenzhen China.  All three children returned to the China region after adulthood, with two living presently in Hong Kong.

Their greatest joy?  When they first went to Taiwan, the Christian church in China was suffering brutal suppression.  From small groupings scattered underground, the Christian church has blossomed to a thriving stalwart body of God’s people. To be swept along in this miraculous surge of the Gospel still takes the breath away… and the energy still throbs.

For the Christian church in all places, and specifically for Hank’s ministry as interim pastor in Asia, please join in prayer to the Lord.

Psalm 73:25

Whom have I in heaven but you, Lord?  And earth has nothing I desire but you.

Any funds raised that exceed Mission Partner’s Total Cost of Missionary Service may be used to further support Mission Partner in missional activities, or Mission Partner may donate, after consultation with the Executive Director, any excess funds to one or more Mission Partners who are in good standing with MCN or to MCN’s General Fund. The purpose for this is that any funds raised are to support missional activities throughout the world.

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