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Prayers for January 2019

  • Bless Hailu Kinde as he celebrates his birthday on January 13. Give him joy in celebrating his life in Jesus.
  • Bless Slovakian EGT student Ad’o, who will attend Lutheran High in Parker, Colo. this semester.
  • Give wisdom in words and actions to Stephanie Lund, that in all things others may see Christ.
  • Pray for God’s blessing and guidance on the start of a small group leader training by Emily Barz-Belvery.
  • Pray for all those who heard the Gospel for the first time at Christmas, that the Word would take root in their hearts and grow into faith.
  • Thanksgiving that at least one of the members of Sarah Berta-Somogyi’s worshipping community has decided to be baptized, and prayers for others who are coming to know Jesus as their Savior.
  • Prayers that God would continue to work in the hearts of Amanda Groshek’s students and coworkers, drawing them closer to Him; and that He’d continue to give her the words to say when they ask questions.
  • For all Mission Partners to have the words to answer questions like “What if Jesus isn’t real?”
  • Prayer of thanksgiving that Jim, the junior one student of Hannah Hester, has returned to school. He is still in a wheelchair but seems to be adjusting to life as a typical student otherwise. Pray that he continues to heal.
  • Pray for safety & peace for Melissa Karges and all in Ethiopia.
  • Bless the Initial activities as Haragewen Kinde begins recruitment and admission for Bishoftu, Ethiopia Campus.
  • Prayers for guidance for Adam Lee who is working and studying with others who are engaging with refugees in Germany.
  • Seek God’s will to guide and use Tim and Diane Esala here in the USA and Cambodia to fulfill His mission that the name of Jesus be known in all nations.
  • For Amanda Hutton as she begins to disciple a young lady on a weekly basis.
  • Pray for opportunities for Hannah Brown to include the neighborhood kids in activities.
  • Pray for Zach Barz and the bingo fundraiser in Costa Rica that will allow them to send a group of kids to camp.
  • For unity amongst our team in Cambodia, that we may serve together as the Lord’s hands, feet, fingers, and toes.
  • For understanding, patience, and an open mind for Maria Sasietaamidst cultural differences.
  • Please pray for our Jordan Merrifield and Team Taiwan missionaries that they may each be a distinct reflection of Christ’s love and grace.
  • Please keep Jon Braun and the pastor in Batu-Malang, Indonesia, in your prayers as they work to fulfill what God has called them to in His ministry.
  • Pray for safety for the Lo family in Thailand, as well as for all the missionaries in foreign lands.
  • Pray for God’s continued care of Miriam Carter’s seniors who are no longer in the school on a regular basis.
  • Thank God for a growing sense of being settled for Jacob and Emily Belvery.
  • Join Tim and Diane Esala in thanking God for His gift of rest and time to focus on their health during their furlough.
  • Pray for Adam Lee and his wife, Annett, as he pursues fluency in German and as God makes their next steps of ministry evident.
  • Pray for Iantha Scheiwe who was accepted into the Hong Kong Gospel Choir, a delightful group of Cantonese speaking Christians who seek to share the Gospel through music and movement in this city.
  • Pray for first year partner Clara Rich, as she settles into a routine and establishes relationships with her new friends and students.
  • Praise for Tim and Hope Mehl as they recently passed their scooter test and will now be able to “scoot” around Taiwan easier.
  • Blessings on Angie Steinbacher in her ministry to a family during the illness of their son.
  • Bless Lyman and Ruth Stone as they minister to women from the Philippines and Indonesia who work as domestic helpers in the homes of middle- and upper-class Hong Kongers.
  • Watch over Ethan and Amanda Hutton during their pregnancy, that Amanda may deliver a healthy baby boy.
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