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Sarah Berta-Somogyi is the daughter of Pastor Brad and Jane Cusson, and older sister to Jeff and James Cusson. Growing up in Denver, Colorado, Sarah graduated from Bethlehem Lutheran grade school and Denver Lutheran High School. An avid sportsman, Sarah enjoyed playing volleyball, basketball, and running track, and still enjoys them when she can.

After graduating from high school, Sarah attended Concordia University in Irvine, CA (CUI), graduating in 2007 with a BA in English as well as a teaching credential and a Lutheran Teaching Certification. Later, in 2011, Sarah also earned her M.Ed. from CUI. While an undergraduate, Sarah participated in two short-term mission trips to Hungary, where her team was responsible for organizing English/Bible camps for junior high and high school students. It was in Hungary that Sarah first became interested in serving internationally. She says, “I always knew I wanted to teach and to share the love of Jesus with students, but I always thought I’d do it somewhere in the States. It was on these short-term trips that I realized God might be leading me to do those same things in another country.”

After graduating from CUI, Sarah served as a missionary in Győr, Hungary, for 8 years with the LCMS Office of International Mission. She taught grades 5-12 in Péterfy Sándor Lutheran School, led a weekly Bible study, organized retreats and other large events for students, helped organize summer English/Bible camps, and began an English-language worship service in her city. In her service with MCN, Sarah plans to continue these activities so that students and adults may continue to hear the Gospel and have opportunities to grow in their faith.

While serving as a missionary, Sarah met her husband, Tamás, who is a history teacher in the same school where she taught English. They were married in 2011. In April 2014, their first daughter, Lili Jane, was born, followed in April 2016 by their twin daughters, Emma Joy and Hanna Beth.

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Any funds raised that exceed Mission Partner’s agreed upon stipend amount will become the property of MCN. In the alternative, excess funds may be used to support Mission Partner in missional activities under a new MOU, or Mission Partner may assign, after consultation with the Executive Director, any excess funds to one or more Mission Partners who are in good standing with MCN. The purpose for this is that any funds raised are to support missional activities throughout the world, and not for the financial benefit of MCN.

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