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Angie Steinbacher was raised in St. Charles, Missouri. Growing up with her parents, Dave and Melinda Steinbacher, she was immersed in the heart and service of teaching as well as the joyful attitude of loving and serving God that her parents daily live. Her family includes her sisters Sandi and Christa, a brother-in-law, Craig, and her two nephews. She pursued a degree in education from Concordia University, Nebraska in anticipation of applying her degree as an elementary Lutheran school teacher.

However, in 2017, Angie was given the opportunity to serve Mission of Christ Network partnered with the W.I.L.L. Foundation in Asia. The W.I.L.L Foundation, which stands for “Walk into Life and Learn,” is home to a family of children with physical disabilities. These previously “forgotten” children, have now been connected together as a family at the W.I.L.L. Foundation and have been given nurture, opportunities for growth, and the love and knowledge of Jesus. Angie teaches the children English and lives with them throughout the week, leading various activities, and loving them as children of God. She is in awe at our amazing God, the unique opportunity he has given her, and his faithfulness through the journey. Angie is grateful to learn with the children and love them with the love and joy of the Lord. Please keep her in your prayers.

In her free time, Angie enjoys running, playing sports, knitting, baking, playing games, watching the Green Bay Packers, and talking with family and friends.

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Any funds raised that exceed Mission Partner’s agreed upon stipend amount will become the property of MCN. In the alternative, excess funds may be used to support Mission Partner in missional activities under a new MOU, or Mission Partner may assign, after consultation with the Executive Director, any excess funds to one or more Mission Partners who are in good standing with MCN. The purpose for this is that any funds raised are to support missional activities throughout the world, and not for the financial benefit of MCN.

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