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The design is actually two separate two-story buildings with a large open-air gathering space.  The two buildings are bridged into an L shape by an open-air breezeway on the first floor and an open-air stairway and landing on the second floor. The enclosed space of both buildings is approximately 5600 square feet with an additional 2700 square feet of a covered, open-air area.  The perimeter of the property has a concrete wall for privacy and security in accordance with Cambodian custom.

The open design is welcoming to our students and families while generating a strong, functional presence that Stronghold Cambodia is committed to not just serve the community but to be a lasting part of it. The property is nearby our current leased home and conveniently located between the primary and secondary schools with a private entrance easily accessible by auto, motorbike, bicycle or walking.

The education building houses staff office space, meeting rooms and classrooms and the Hospitality building houses the kitchen and guest rooms.

Features of the new facility include:

  • Three dedicated ESL classrooms and one computer classroom.
  • Two meetings rooms for Stronghold and community use.
  • A student library next to the office space allowing monitoring of students.
  • A large Western-style kitchen for safe and efficient meal preparation.
  • Four guest rooms for mission teams that can accommodate up to 12 people.
  • A large covered, open-air gathering space for student dining, daily devotions, assembly, worship, and special events.
  • Four student/public restrooms (two on each floor).
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