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Donate to the Stronghold Cambodia Capital Campaign

Stronghold Cambodia is a faith-based, non-profit NGO that equips Cambodian children and parents physically, intellectually and spiritually so they may carry out fruitful Christian lives.

Mission of Christ Network is a proud partner of Stronghold Cambodia. We support the mission work they provide, and we encourage you to help us make an impact with Stronghold Cambodia today!

Stronghold Cambodia provides wraparound support for the child and the family, enabling them to learn, grow, and flourish. Your donations and your prayers will ensure a child’s future is bright!

Stronghold, a registered NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Kampot, Cambodia, is a before and after school program that teaches English as a second language, basic computer skills and provides a daily nourishing meal to children in their surrounding community. More importantly, Jesus is introduced to children who live in a country that is 95% Buddhist.  Stronghold is locally led by a Khmer staff and a committed gathering of volunteer missionaries.  Stronghold strives to focus wholly on each family, building relationships to equip families with the resources they require to raise up the next generation.


“There is nothing greater we can give a child than an investment in their future and the opportunity to learn about Jesus.”

Often times the families we serve cannot afford basic needs, much less an investment into their children’s future. Your $50/month ($600 a year) tax-deductible sponsorship allows one child to attend Stronghold Cambodia where they will be nurtured educationally, physically and spiritually.  Your sponsorship goes 100% to the expenses associated with running our program.

Stronghold offers:

  • Education through consistent curriculum and focused teaching.
  • The physical tools for children to be successful (meals, classroom supplies, school clothing, a Bible, etc.).
  • Care for the whole family through home visits, food staples and healthy living classes.
  • The ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ through prayer, daily devotion, Bible teaching and song.

Providing a sponsorship ultimately begins a relationship between you and the Stronghold families halfway around the globe.  This connection, when created through God’s loving hands, has the power to transform both you and the Stronghold children you are praying for whose basic needs are being met through your generous investment in their future.  We commit to enabling this relationship by sending you updates of prayer needs and their journey in coming to know the saving grace of Jesus.

  Kids in Cambodia have so much to offer!  Invest in them by clicking one of the donation links below!

Our Stronghold Cambodia Team

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