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Mission of Christ Network is a proud partner of Stronghold Cambodia. We support the mission work they provide, and we encourage you to help us make an impact with Stronghold Cambodia today!

Stronghold Cambodia provides a safe place on Fish Island in Kampot, Cambodia where children can come play, learn, and hear about Jesus.

Stronghold’s mission, based on Isaiah 25:4, is to proclaim the Gospel to children and families so they can come to know God as their Stronghold, Shelter, and Shade. We provide a safe place for the economically disadvantaged children in our Buddhist and Muslim community to be nurtured intellectually, physically, and spiritually through our lunch program, Bible devotions, ESL, and Basic Computer classes at no cost to their families who otherwise would be unable to afford it.

Because nothing is more precious than a child of God living out their God-given potential found in the love and saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Stronghold is committed to helping our students and families become everything God wants them to be.

Stronghold is a registered, faith-based NGO in Kampot, Cambodia where children hear about Jesus’ love in their own heart language of Khmer for the first time. Students who have never spoken English learn to communicate at a basic level.

For You have been a stronghold for the poor, a stronghold for the needy in distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.

Isaiah 25:4


Phan Narit & Chin Sithon
(Jesse & Naomi)

Stronghold is led by Phan Narit (Jesse), an ordained pastor through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cambodia (ELCC) in cooperation with LCMS World Mission, along with his wife Chin Sithon (Naomi). They are joined by MCN missionaries who teach ESL and Bible.

Jesse & Naomi both come from large families whose parents had a desire for them to have high-paying jobs, so they attended Bible School to learn English for free with the hope they would make a lot of money. But by God’s grace they came to know Jesus. Upon graduating from Bible School, they shared the desire to share the love of Jesus with their people and in their neighboring community.

It was from their heart for Jesus that Stronghold Cambodia was born. In 2014 Stronghold Cambodia opened its doors in Sihanoukville Province where they were able to minister to their own community for another 4 years. Due to an influx in Chinese investment they eventually had to relocate the ministry to Kampot Province after the landlord terminated their lease. But God has been present every step of the way and has continued to bless Jesse & Naomi’s ministry as they continue to show the love of Christ with all whom they meet on Fish Island in Kampot.

We can give a child nothing greater than an investment in their future and an opportunity to learn about Jesus.

At Stronghold, children in grades 3-9 attend ESL and Basic Computer Skills classes, and are introduced to Jesus though daily devotions, many for the first time. In addition, students receive a nutritious lunch Monday to Friday. Stronghold’s ministry is not limited to its students, but support is also given to families. Families receive education and support through our parent training sessions on the topics of health, hygiene, positive parenting skills, and the value of education as well as personal home visits with our field worker Naomi.

Support Stronghold Cambodia Ministry

As a non-profit, faith-based NGO in Cambodia, Stronghold is 100% dependent upon our partners for financial support of our ministry. As the ministry grows, so does the need for more support as Stronghold works towards sustainability and financial independence.

A $50 monthly or $600 annual commitment covers a cost for a child to attend Stronghold for free for one year. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will help support Stronghold’s ministry in their community.

For other charitable giving options, including IRA contributions, stock gifts, and Thrivent Choice Dollars, email

100% of your donation goes to Stronghold’s ministry.

Our Stronghold Cambodia Team

Tim & Diane Esala

Since 2015, in response to God’s call to tithe the first fruits of their retirement years, Tim & Diane have served as missionaries with Stronghold Cambodia, a faith-based, nonprofit NGO whose mission is to empower Cambodian communities for positive change through Christian care and learning. At Stronghold, children and their families are introduced to Jesus in a…

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RJ Acomb

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Maria Sasieta

Maria Sasieta grew up in Carrollton, a small town in central Illinois. She is the daughter of Alfonso and Elena Sasieta with one younger sister, Katerina Sasieta, and one older brother, Sito Sasieta. Maria attended high school at Visitation Academy in Saint Louis, MO where she spent four years living with her grandparents. Maria continued…

James Rush & Tika Sitompul

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Ashley Wuerdeman

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Annika Buck

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